Photo of Dr. Asha S. Kapadia  

Asha Seth Kapadia, PhD, Secretary 


Asha Seth Kapadia's studies have included the application of Inventory theory principles to the management of blood supply at the Houston Blood Bank, the pharmacokinetics of chemotherapy drugs at MD Anderson Cancer Center, the movement of patients through the Texas Institute of Rehabilitation and Research as well as the application of Queuing Theory principles to the study of air traffic control systems for the FAA.

In addition to more than 125 research papers, Dr. Kapadia has co-authored two books. The first "Difference Equations with Public Health Applications” examines and provides analytical solutions to probabilistic models of dynamic systems in health related research. Issues in public health, whether environmental, economic, or patient-care oriented, involve a host of interdependencies which are clearly reflected in families of difference equations. The book also examines the use of difference equations for studying the behavior of individuals enrolled in clinical trials. Her second book "Mathematical Statistics with Applications" explores health-related applications of mathematical statistics.

Dr Kapadia was the recipient of the John P McGovern Outstanding Teaching Award and Peer recognition for outstanding scholarship from the UT School of Public Health. She has been invited to present her research findings at several national and international universities and professional meetings. Dr. Kapadia is an elected member of the International Statistics Institute and is currently a professor emerita of biostatistics at the UT School of Public Health in Houston. Kapadia received her SM in Industrial Management from MIT and her Ph.D in Statistics from Harvard.

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