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The HCHD Foundation works actively to leverage public funding through the procurement of additional private grants and tangible giving.  Funding obtained by the Foundation helps the Harris Health System implement more preventive care programs in the community as well as secure capital to improve facilities and the technology needed to provide high quality health care services. 


Strategic Grants

The HCHD Foundation, with a team of highly qualified staff, is devoted to research funding opportunities and securing additional funding to be invested in the enhancement of Harris Health System services.  This is done according to our institutional strategic plans to respond to the needs of the community.  Funding secured by our staff is invested mainly in preventive care programs at a community level.  If your organization wants to invest in preventive care please contact Patricia Spencer at 713.566.6409.



Restricted Funding

The HCHD Foundation has restricted funding to invest in community programs addressing the health care needs of children and small grants for programs implemented directly by Harris Health System.