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Day in the District

Our Day in the District program gives community, corporate and civic leaders an opportunity to experience first-hand the compassionate and high-quality healthcare provided to all residents of Harris County, regardless of their ability to pay.

Participants are outfitted in scrubs as they meet and tour with physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. 

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Please contact  the Foundation 713.566.6409 for more information or to sign-up for a future Day in the District.

Comments from Past Participants:

As part of the healthcare team at Amegy Bank, I had the opportunity (truly a priviledge) to spend the day at Ben Taub Hospital, touring the public county hospital & community clinic, followed by a candid discussion with the CEO on issues he faces in healthcare, specifically serving the most underserved. My image of Ben Taub has completely changed, and I'm inspired to get the word out about how impressed I was- by the fantastic Baylor College of Medicine residents, efficient operations, competent and caring staff, low waiting room time despite high volume, and inspiring emergency room survival stories. Private volume, and inspiring emergency room survival stories. Private Hospitals could learn a thing or two from this well-run public one!

-Annie Bradbury

Once again, thank you and your team for organizing my Day in The District. I appreciate the effort and enthusiasm demonstrated by everyone involved throughout the day. It was such a unique experience and I feel fortunate that I had the opportunity to participate.

I learned so much during the course of the day and I was most impressed by the significant impact the Hospital District and the Foundation have on the community. The level of advanced care given to the hospital patients is truly amazing. Prior to my day with your team, I knew Ben Taub had a reputation as a world class trauma center. What I didn't realize was that the physicians provide the same level of world class care to every patient, regardless of their ailment.

I will continue to be an advocate for the Hospital District and will share my experience with everyone that will listen!

I wanted to thank you for suggesting that I participate in Day in the District.  I spent Sept. 21 touring Ben Taub and LBJ hospitals, visiting the staff, and learning the health care challenges we face today and in the future.  As a Harris County citizen, I'm proud of the excellent quality of care offered by the two hospitals.  Thanks again for your wonderful suggestion.  It's an experience I won't soon forget!

I loved being able to go to surgeries and have the doctors and other medical personnel talk w/ us about what they were doing. A high point was viewing an actual open heart surgery. Attending morning rounds was another high point for me.

This was a premier experience. I wanted to go home and write a check to the hospital district to honor all of the dedicated staff members we met. I wish everyone had a chance to see what we saw in order to appreciate the wonderful hospital system available to Harris County.

It was perfect! I left my day having really been enlightened about the district. I don't think the insured patients in Harris County think about using Ben Taub or LBJ as a choice when selecting a hospital. Before my visit, I had no idea about the quality of healthcare offered at our county hospitals. I know I am not alone in my misconceptions. I have been talking to anyone who will listen about my day as a "doctor" and what I learned while in my rotations. Ben Taub is a secret treasure in Houston. Thany you so much for educating me.

Seeing the enthusiasm, the sensitivity, the use of every space, the pride in achievements, the expert care and hearing the plans, hopes, goals, difficult decision making and desire for help exceeded all I thought possible. What a generous presentation.